Advisory Program

The main goal of USJ’s advisory period for Middle and Upper School students is to have a program that will nurture and monitor a student’s academic and personal growth.

Each student in sixth through 12th grade has been assigned an advisor. Every teacher and staff person at the Upper and Middle School (except for the school secretaries) has 10 to 15 students in his or her group. The Upper School groups meet every Tuesday from 9:45-10:05 a.m. The Middle School groups meet every Wednesday from 9:45-10:05 a.m.

Objectives of the advisory program are...

  • To help students develop school survival strategies, such as time management, communication with peers, parents, and teachers, problem solving skills, and study skills.
  • To help students create a balance in their lives through setting realistic goals that reflect their priorities and providing time for casual conversations.
  • To help students develop an appropriate individual educational program through identifying strengths, recognizing and addressing weaknesses, learning to know when help is needed, and choosing courses that meet their goals.
  • To help students develop an ever increasing awareness of responsibility through an understanding that actions require ethical reflection, respect for and consideration of self, school, and community, and keeping track of and assessing their progress.
  • To help students foster positive relationships through the development of mutual trust, the enhancement of communication skills, and the provision of conflict resolution methods.