Junior Kindergarten

Jr. Kindergarten Students Broaden Their Taste Buds

As Jr. Kindergarten students finished their study of the letter Yy, they ended their week with a Yummy/Yucky tasting party. Most tried everything on their plate, including Vienna Sausages, extreme sour candy, mushrooms, Hershey’s Kisses, green olives, and Doritos. The students graphed each item as either “yummy” or “yucky.”

“This was a fun afternoon for the students, and we also used it as an opportunity to discuss how it’s okay if we like different things,” says teacher Vicki Wilson.

Circus Parade

Jr. Kindergarten began the new school year with a circus theme that included lessons on learning about each other as well as their colors. To celebrate the end of the unit, they held a circus parade. All of the students dressed up like a circus character or animal for their parade through the lower school. One of our students even dressed up like cotton candy. They had a wonderful time.

Valentine's Day Mail

Students created a Post Office in Vicki Wilson’s junior kindergarten class. They brought Valentine’s Day cards from home to be mailed and learned that a stamp is 49 cents. They also learned the stamp needs to be placed in the top right corner, and it can only be used once.

In the sorting center, they had to recognize the address numerals, which ranged from 1-22, and place the mail in the correct street bag. Once the mail was sorted, the next group delivered it to the correct address. The children got to work at one station a day, so by Thursday, they participated in all of the Post Office centers. 

Slumber party!

A group of little bears had a slumber party at USJ in the junior kindergarten classroom. Teacher Holly Johnson said students studied the letter B and learned about hibernation and other bear facts. Students brought sleeping bags, books and snacks for the bears to use over the weekend.

Christmas cookie fun!

Jr. Cub students had so much fun decorating Christmas cookies in Vicki Wilson's class.

The Circus Parade!