Sixth Grade

Fifth Graders Visit the Middle School

Each year, USJ takes care to introduce its fifth graders to what’s ahead for them the following school year by having the students over to spend a day in the Middle School. They join the Middle School students for lunch and then take a tour of their new classrooms with the assistance of sixth grade tour guides. This is followed by a question and answer session in the gym, in which students get to ask whatever is on their minds.

This year’s Q & A featured three different speakers. First, eighth grader and Middle School Student Council president Seth Spry talked to the students about why they should consider serving on the council. Lastly, band director Tom Grant told the students about the instrumental opportunities they will have the next year.

Former Middle School Director Courtney Burnette discussed the fifth grade visit with enthusiasm. "The day the fifth grade comes to visit is always one of my favorites," says Mrs. Burnette. "The students are so excited to catch a small glimpse of what a Middle School day looks like. They love the cafeteria, touring the building, and getting to ask questions about what the next year holds for them."

The excitement for the day does not stop there. The fifth graders then have the opportunity to attend the Middle School Talent Show. This event is always a huge success, with fifteen students singing and playing instruments for their peers this year.

"The talent show holds fond memories for all Middle School and Upper School students," says Mrs. Burnette. "I love the fact that our Upper School students still come if they have study hall or free period, and some just ask their teachers if they can come. It's a favorite for all."

"6 In The City"

USJ 6th graders Keaton Miller and Mary Humphrey were musical guests on "6 In The City" live in Jackson on September 24. Pictured on the set from left to right are Show Host Cassandra Fuller, Keaton, Mary, Show Coordinator Kerrie Brooks, and Show Host Steve Bowers.