2015 Upper School Thesis Project

Peyton Antwine: "The Ambiguity of Sexuality" Read more

Reese Antwine: "Adaptive Behavior of the Adolescent Protagonist" Read more

Abby Atkins: "The Plight of Women Forced into Uncontrollable Circumstances Under the Influence of Male Oppression: The Feminine Narration" Read more

Jordan Boyd: "The Rise of the Southern Woman from the Old South to the New South" Read more

Georgina Harlan: "Children’s Environments Alter Their Perceptions of the World" Read more

Amanda Holloway: "Substance Abuse as a Means to Escape in Early Twentieth-Century Literature"

Laura Mantooth: "Hopes and Fears of the Oppressor in Dystopian Literature" Read more

Steven Mysiewicz: "Misunderstanding of Flawed Protagonists in Literature" Read more

Madison Perchik: "Loss of Innocence: Dreams as Thieves" Read more

Sam Rickman: "Behind the Mask: Façade and Persona in Early Twentieth Century Literature" Read more

Clare Robertson: "The Female Protagonist’s Journey to Self-Awareness"

Emily Sanderson: "How Twentieth Century Literature Satirically Reflects Its Time Period" Read more

Rebekah Sears: "Abandonment and the Maternal Archetypes" Read more

Adam Sills: "The Destructive Potential of Alienation in the Twentieth Century" Read more

Alan Wilms: "The Tragic Futility of the Quest for an Unattainable Dream" Read more

Austin Wilms: "The Monster as an Instrument for Societal Change" Read more