More about the Parents Club

Our History

The USJ Mothers Club was created in 1970 to foster relationships and volunteerism among USJ families. We exist to: (1) Promote the academic life of the school, (2) provide an avenue for parents to become involved in the school, (3) volunteer our time and talents as needed, (4) raise funds for tools for a quality education, and (5) promote the school in our community.

The Holiday Mart was introduced to the Greater Jackson area in the early 1970s and has become a well-known annual community event. Growing each year, the Holiday Mart provides a great opportunity for community members to "shop" at the Civic Center from a vast array of exceptional merchants. In 2012, for example, the Parents Club raised $150,000+ and was able to support many USJ needs.

In August 2013, the USJ Board allowed us to change our name to the Parents Club. We wanted our name to reflect that all parents are members of the Parents Club.

What We Do

USJ families are a special part of the success of our school. Together with faculty and administration, we work to make USJ a great educational experience.

Parents Club Board

This group of parent volunteers serve as the governing body and planning team for all the Parents Club activities and events. The president works closely with the board to ensure that families are aware of special events and campus life activities throughout the year. The Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 8:15 a.m. in the Middle School Conference Room. Please refer to the school calendar to verify meeting date, time, and location. Board members are …

Class Representatives

Each year, the Parents Club Board appoints parent volunteers to represent each grade level. These individuals attend Parents Club Board meetings and are the direct liason between each room parents, parents, and the Board. The Class Representatives work with the Board to organize and plan school wide events and to communicate the Board's goals and plans to all parents. Class Representatives are ...

Room Parents

Each class, from Jr. Cubs to 12th Grade, have room parents that work closely with the teacher(s) to meet the needs of the classroom. Examples of Lower School activities include holiday parties and events, reading with younger students, special art/music projects, teacher birthday celebrations, Teacher Appreciation Week, Fall Festival/Special Friends and Grandparents Day, and coordinating volunteers for Holiday Mart. Middle and Upper School Room parents assist with activities including class trips, field trips, teacher birthdays and Teacher Appreciation Week, proms, special events, end-of-the-year events, and graduation. The room parent(s) work with the class teacher and student parents to plan and organize class events throughout the school year.

Project Chairpersons

For every special event we do, such as the Holiday Mart, there are special people "behind the scenes" to help. Our Project Coordinators or Chairpersons work to organize areas of the events and create teams of wonderful parent volunteers to help plan and work the event.